Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Half Way There- Baby Girl Update!!

I've been a little MIA lately and there's a great reason for it! If you follow me on social media you may have seen that we announced we were pregnant in November and our baby was due in June 2019! We had been trying for almost a year (11 months) . It was hard for me to talk about it with others because I knew others had tried longer, but a friend had told me that It was still okay for me to be sad and after 3 rounds of chlomid we got pregnant!

We are and still overjoyed about having another child and especially excited to see mason become a big brother!!  I found out I was pregnant on the exact date I found out I was pregnant with Mason (October 1st) and if you cant believe it like I couldn't, baby will be born not too many day after masons birthday; haha I'm hoping they don't share a birthday. Then in December we found out we are having  GIRL!! I was hoping for a boy for mason but also very  excited to have one of each, and if I'm being totally honest, I've already bought baby girl clothes and I'm just obsessing about all baby
girl items!

My first trimester was rough, and if you have followed me since mason's pregnancy, then you know that I also had nausea and it was bad, but guys this pregnancy has been worse when it comes to nausea. I wasn't able to hold anything down and even worse I couldn't hold down liquid. I had days where I was very dehydrated, weak, and the toilet was my best friend (unfortunately) . I didn't want to take a chance and almost black out like I did with mason, so I called my doctor and they prescribed me a heavier nausea medication. That helped so much and I was able to hold down meals and got some energy back which was AMAZING! I literally pretty much just ate toast, apple sauce, and ginger ale the entire first trimester. But now that I'm halfway into my pregnancy, I am feeling loads better and so relieved to be out of the first trimester!

Now unto second trimester (so far) update. I started feeling baby girl at 14 weeks and several movements from then to 17ish weeks, then the movements got less frequent, and I was starting to worry a little. I also knew that I wasn't laying down as much or really paying attention to the movements because I also have a toddler who needs my attention so I didn't have as much down time like I did with mason's pregnancy. I am currently 20 weeks and a half and this past weekend when I was still getting worried of not feeling her much, her movements became more noticeable!!  Shes more active at night and when I eat and it's the best feeling! I can't wait for her movements to become more stronger, more frequent, and more noticeable! Since getting my hunger back I've been craving grilled cheese, cereal, and fruit (strawberry being my favorite)! I have had a couple of days of gas pain at night so with the help of a little diet change and gasX, that seems to have disappeared! 

My lack of sleep as also gone up, I wake up every day at 4/5 and then stay up until 6/7 and fall asleep for one more hour until mason wakes up! Speaking of our precious mason, he has also become potty trained and is now sleeping in a big boy bed! He's becoming such a big boy! I also had my 20 week (anatomy scan) and got to see baby girl! I seriously think ultrasounds are one of my favorite things about being pregnant, I just love seeing their little face, hands, feet, and seeing them wiggle around in momma's tummy!

We are also so happy to know and see that baby girl is healthy and doing great! We're already calling her our little dancing princess, because she was a wiggle worm in my belly! We couldn't be more grateful that she's healthy! I also found out that I have an anterior placenta, which means my placenta is located in the front of my stomach rather than the back, which also means that I won't feel babies kicks has strong. I will also most likely feel baby more of my sides or down low. I have felt her but I'm so glad to know its because of my placenta that her movements aren't as strong or noticeable right now. Eventually I will soon  (probably within the next few days) be feeling her movements everyday and with a pattern. We couldn't be more in love with baby sis and so glad we got to see her today!

We honestly can't to meet her and give her unlimited amounts of kisses and cuddles. Mason has already started to touch my stomach, give hugs and kisses to my belly and even asked when "name of baby" was coming out haha. We can already tell how excited he is to meet his sister and gain a new best friend! Stay tuned on my Instagram to see more updates, and I'll post another update once the third trimester starts in March! We're also excited for you to join us again on another wonderful journey were on to grow our family!

Until next time!


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