Friday, May 5, 2017

Masons 11 month update

I don't know why but this post seems to be very bittersweet, but mason turns 11 months today, one month away from turning a year old and I'm trying to wrap my head around that he will be turning 12 months old next month. I'm holding onto everyday that he is less than a year old. I've already started planning his birthday, I mean lets be honest I have for a while now (at least knowing the theme of it). Mason continue to grow in his new tricks, skills, moves, and what his new development is. Like I said in other posts I'm trying not to think of the future with mason, you know him being one year old haha. It's hard for me but its also a very exciting thing that Rex and I get to see in Mason. Here's what mason has learned/happened/loves this month!
  • He has taken his first steps
  • Says "Dada" more than "momma"
  • Is learning how to stand up on his on his own
  • Learned how to suck through a straw
  • Got his first official haircut
  • Loves graham crackers, our food, and tries to steal moms Pink Drink
  • Loves Dancing to music
  • Will come over to mom just to get a kiss

There's probably so many more things that have happened/learned/or that he loves but this is what I could think of. It was so exciting to see mason take his first steps, the first step happened at our house and the more frequent steps happened at the park, you should of seen us, proud little excited first time parents, saying "YAY GO MASON, YOUR DOING SO GOOD" haha I'm pretty sure other parents around us knew exactly the excitement we were feeling that day. Mason loves food and tries to take moms or dad's food as much as he can, but hey its exciting and sometimes a little funny to see his reactions to new foods! This little guy loves moving his bum bum, but seriously he loves dancing! It's so cute to see him and move his hands and his head to the any kid of upbeat music. Mason has also started coming over to me just to receive a kiss and I am 100% not complaining, he can get as many kisses as he wants!

Next months update may be a little delayed since he will be turning one and we will have friends and family visiting us from a different state. It will be a combination of his birthday party and his growth for month 12. I already have his cake ordered and design all done and getting his invitations almost ready to be sent. This month is going to be exciting for mason and the family! I'm also putting together a video of masons growth since he was born and I may or may not be ready to start making it.  I know this may seem like a lot of planing for a kids first birthday but I know I'm not alone, were going to celebrate his first year of life, his growth in this year, all the silly and fun memories and trips we have made. Can't wait to share with you all, and mason happy 11 months, we love you so so so so so so much! 

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  1. Wow he's accomplished so much already! Aren't babies just amazing? It's so great that you're documenting it all.